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CrossFit ( & )[wmv][mov]
( ) ( )[wmv][mov]
, [wmv][mov]
( )[wmv]
( )[wmv]
- 2005[wmv][mov]
( , 2:19)[mov]
, [wmv][mov]
, ()[wmv][mov]
(CrossFit Kids)[wmv][mov]
- ( & )[wmv]
: , [wmv][mov]
(CrossFit Kids)[wmv][mov]
( )[wmv][mov]
- ()[wmv][mov]
( )[wmv][mov]
- ( )[wmv][mov]

100 ()[wmv][mov]
2- [wmv][mov]
, ?[wmv]
/ ()[wmv][mov]
+ ( )[wmv][mov]
/L-/ ()[wmv][mov]
Brandons Bad Day[wmv][mov]
- -[wmv][ mov]
[mov][ wmv]
Couples Bodybuilding Gym[wmv][mov]
CrossFit. [wmv][ mov]
/[wmv][ mov]
- - [wmv][mov]
- - [wmv][mov]
- - [wmv][mov]
- L- ()[wmv][mov]
- ()[wmv][mov]
- - GHD ( )[wmv][mov]
- - [wmv][mov]
( 06)[wmv]
/ 2-- ()[wmv][mov]
/ [wmv][mov]
ECG [wmv][mov]
.. ()[wmv][mov]
- [wmv][ mov]
- [wmv][mov]
- [wmv][mov]
( & .C.)[wmv][mov]
- , [wmv][mov]
- ()[wmv][mov]
- 蔅[wmv][mov]
- ()[wmv][mov]
- 蔅[mov][wmv]
- [wmv][mov]
- - [wmv][mov]
- [wmv][mov]
SDWW [wmv]
- ()[wmv][mov]
- - [wmv][mov]
SP1-PP3-PJ5 ()[wmv][mov]
- - [wmv][mov]
/ ()[wmv][mov]
( )[wmv][mov]
- [wmv][mov]
- [wmv][mov]
- 5 [wmv][mov]

Clean Instruction, Part I, Coach Burgener[wmv][mov]
: 3- , [wmv][mov]
CrossFit , [wmv][mov]
, [wmv][mov]
, [wmv][mov]
( .)[wmv][mov]
, [wmv]
Snatch: Arms, Coach Burgener[wmv][mov]
, [wmv][mov]
, [wmv][mov]
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: , [wmv][mov]
, [wmv][mov]
- [wmv][mov]
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Training the


Back Squat Geometry, Mark Rippetoe (CFJ Preview)[wmv][mov]
Bench Press Basic Setup, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Bench Press Body Position, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Bench Press Levers, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Alignment Part 1, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Alignment Part 2, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Anatomy, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Arm Position Lecture Clip[mov][wmv]
Deadlift Intro Lecture Clip[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Starting Angles, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Starting Position Intro, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Press-Basic Positions, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Press-Hand Positions, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Press Instruction, Part I, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Press Instruction Part 2, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Press Instruction Part 3, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]
Press Posture Question, Mark Rippetoe[wmv][mov]


Cartwheels, Roger Harrell[wmv][mov]
False Grip Explanation/Demo[mov][wmv]
Forward Roll, Roger Harrell[wmv][mov]
Handstand Development, Roger Harrell[wmv][mov]
Handstand Games, Roger Harrell[wmv][mov]
Handstand Walk[avi]
Headstand Intro, Roger Harrell[wmv][mov]
Inversion Basics[wmv]
Preparing for a Handstand, Roger Harrell[wmv][mov]
Shoulder Roll Basics, by Roger Harrell[wmv][mov]


Get-up Sit-up, Jeff Martone[wmv][mov]
Kettlebell Juggling, Jeff Martone[wmv][mov]
Turkish Get-up Part 2, Jeff Martone[wmv][mov]
Turkish Get-up Part 3, Jeff Martone[wmv][mov]
Turkish Get-up Part 4, Variations, Jeff Martone[wmv][mov]


Hip Opening Hurdle Drills - John Baumann[wmv][mov]
Lying Starts Drills - John Baumann[wmv][mov]
Sprint Mechanics, Arms - Karl Geissler[wmv][mov]
Sprint Mechanics, Initial Drills - Karl Geissler[wmv][mov]
Sprint Posture Drills - John Baumann[wmv][mov]


C2 Damper Settings, Angela Hart[wmv][mov]
C2 Rower-Other Settings, Angela Hart[wmv][mov]
Common Flaws (C2), Angela Hart[wmv][mov]
Rowing Basics (C2), Angela Hart[wmv][mov]
Stroke Rating (C2), Angela Hart[wmv][mov]
Tabata Wattage (C2), Angela Hart[wmv][mov]
Technique Refinement (C2), Angela Hart[wmv][mov]


CrossFit Games 07 CFT Highlights[wmv][mov]
CrossFit Games 07 Female Awards[wmv][mov]
CrossFit Games 07 Male Awards[wmv][mov]

CrossFit Games 07 Hopper WOD[wmv][mov]
CrossFit Games 07 Hopper WOD (Connor & David Martin)[mov][mov]
CrossFit Games 07 Run Highlights[wmv][mov]


Basic Arm Postion, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Bear Hug Drill, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Control Tactics, Part I, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Defense: Level, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Everything Works Once, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Flash Knockouts, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
High Gear Dril, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Hicks Law, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Intro to the Flinch, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Jab Demo, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Left Hook Demo, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Left Hook, John Hackleman[wmv]
Leg Checks, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Open Hand/Closed Hand Drill, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Pre-Contact Cues, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Rock on a Rope, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Protective and Tactical Responses, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Saving Private Ryan Drill, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
SPEAR is a Bridge to Your Next Move, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Spinning Back Kick, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Splayed Fingers, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Stance Demo, John Hackleman[mov][wmv]
Takedown Defense: Distance, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Takedown Defense: Hips, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Train for the Ambush, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Training for Real Combat, Tony Blauer[wmv][mov]
Uses of the Jab, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Uses of the Left Hook, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]
Uses of the Right Cross, John Hackleman[wmv][mov]


AFTs Got Bounce[wmv][mov]
Andy Hendel OHS 95×76[wmv][mov]
Bachar Ladder[wmv][rmvb]
Backwards Roll to Support (Eva)[wmv]
BJ Penn Muscle-up[wmv][mov]
Burpee Games, CrossFit Kids[wmv][mov]
Burpee Race[wmv]
Cargo Net[mpg][rmvb][wmv]
Clean & Jerk Odd Objects[wmv]
Cliff Kipping (Jon Gilson)[mov]
CrossFit 2002-2005[wmv]
CrossFit Nation - Colorado 2004[mov]
CrossFit Nation - January 2005[mov]
CrossFit North[mov]
CrossFit North Santa Cruz Inaugural Workout[wmv][mov]
CrossFit SF Plays With Overhead Strength[wmv][mov]
CrossFitters Are Strong[wmv][mov]
Developing Pushups[wmv][mov]
Evas Beach Muscle-up[avi]
Eva Teaches the Kipping Pull-up[wmv]
Front Lever Pull-ups[mpg]
Girls Go Overhead (Nicole & Jamie)[wmv][mov]
Girl Pullups, Rob Miller[wmv][mov]
In-n-Out Fran, CF Los Altos[wmv][mov]
Jeff Martins 11 birthday muscleups[wmv]
Jim Bakers 60th Birthday Snatch & Clean[wmv][mov]
Jumping Squats (Coach Burgener)[wmv][mov]
Kettlebell swings[wmv][mov]
Log Sit-up[mpg][wmv]
Masons First Video[wmv][mov]
Miller Goes For a Big Snatch[wmv][mov]
Nicole Carroll Bodyweight OHS x 15[wmv][mov]
Overhead Squats (Mark Rosen)[wmv][mov]
Overhead Squats, Bodyweight x 15 reps (John Brown)[wmv][mov]
Parkour Quadrupedal Movement Drills[wmv][mov]
Playing with Pushups[wmv][mov]
Playing With Ring Pushups (Nicole)[wmv][mov]
Pull-ups, clapping[avi]
Pull-ups, one-arm[mpg]
Pull-ups (Connor - Keegan)[mpg]
Pull-ups (Martins)[wmv]
Pull-ups, pregnant[wmv]
Push-ups, fireteam[avi]
Push-up Standards[wmv][mov]
Quest for 300# Overhead[wmv][mov]
Rage Ball[rmvb]
Rope Climb, one arm[mpg]
Rope Climb - Ring Dip Races[wmv]
Rope Descents[wmv][mov]
Shoulder Press-Push Press-Push Jerk[ wmv]
Sotts Press (at Olympic Lifting Cert)[wmv][mov]
Squat Therapy[wmv]
Strict vs Kipping Pullup Demo[wmv]
Tabata Pushups (Greg A and Mallee)[wmv][mov]
Tabata squat-Muscle-up Fitness Test [wmv][mov]
Team 7[wmv][rmvb]
Virtual Shoveling[wmv]
Warmup Demo, Greg Amundsen[wmv][mov]
Weighted Pullup Variations[wmv][mov]

Performance & Misc Demos

Brent Colson, 15 Bodyweight OHS[wmv][mov]
CrossFit A&M Works on Skills[wmv][mov]
I Cant Believe Im Paying for This [wmv]
Primal Fitness Sampler[wmv]
Silly Sprints, CrossFit Ireland[wmv][mpg]
Truck Push, CrossFit Edmonton[wmv][mov]


CrossFit Kids Soccer WOD[wmv]
Fight Gone Bad at CrossFit Central[wmv][mov]
Flight Gone Bad at Harbor City CrossFit[wmv][mp4]
The Dog Ate My Shorts, Petranek Fitness[wmv][mov]

// ...

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